Family Law Issues

Whenever someone is dealing with a family law issue typically involves working with some of the things that are most important to you. Because of this, it tends to cause stress on you and your children. Hiring an attorney to help you with this process helps guarantee the best possible result while guaranteeing that your case is completed quickly, and efficiently, so that you can move on with your life and minimize stress for you and your children at this point in your life.

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Family Law Pricing

Initial divorce/custody documents. (Includes initial consultation, and all the work needed to start your case)$1000+ filing fees
Temporary Orders
(Includes consultation, motion, supporting evidence, and hearing.)
$500+ filing fees
Other Motions and hearings.
(Includes consultation, motion, preparation of evidence and a hearing)
$500+ filing fees
Uncontested adoptions
(Includes consultations, petition, and hearings)
$600+ filing fees
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders$400