Representing Yourself in Court

adult brainstorming business 935977 300x200 - Representing Yourself in CourtThe are two types of people who can represent you in court. The first is a lawyer. the other person who can represent you in court is yourself. I have found that in most instances with a little guidance, most people can represent themselves in court.

In Utah, there are several legal resources available to help you represent yourself. The first is the Utah State Court Website. This website has been widely recognized as one of the best resources for both individuals representing themselves in court; as well as new attorneys where is provides simplified descriptions of the law as well as basic forms for use by the public. While I have found it does have some flaws such as some articles not always being updated with the latest laws; and the simplified descriptions miss some of the nuance that a deep familiarity with the law provides. It does provide an excellent starting point for individuals representing themselves in court on simpler matters. Another related resource is the Utah State Court self-help center where you can call in and ask for speak with an attorney about your case. Their number is 888-683-0009.

For help preparing simple court documents the state court has made OCAP available to the public for a small fee. This software can be used to prepare many common documents for use in court such as divorce documents, guardianship paperwork, and help for landlords and tenants in eviction cases.

Finally, another resources for individuals who are representing themselves is using an attorney bookcase books bookshelf 159832 300x200 - Representing Yourself in Courtto handle a small portion of the case. Typically, you can hire an attorney to prepare individual motions, and other documents that are specific to your case and meet your individual needs. You can also frequently call a law office and speak to an attorney for several minutes to provide quick legal advice or meet with one for a more in-depth discussion on your issues and the law.

Our office frequently provides help to individuals who want to represent themselves as part of our limited representation services. For this and other questions feel free to contact us.